Letter from a DSPSS'06 participant

Dear Professors in the DSPSS 2006 instructional team,
The DSPSS 2006 at Hanoi was very valuable for me; this course opened a big door in my life as a research student. Now I have on my hands many strong DSP tools to face up problems and propose solutions. This course, beyond knowledge in DSP, was a braining and reasoning process to find novel problem solutions...the basic engineering research's goal. Such knowledge can be applied to not only DSP itself but also other disciplines in ECE. Moreover, it brought chances for Vietnamese students to further study in the U.S by your recommendations.
I'm happy to know that five (including me) of six students who were recommended by you to VEF are studying Ph.D programs in the U.S.
Teaching and doing research in DSP are interesting but hard, and you do both excellently and even obtain students' enthusiasm, making a very strong field of study for Vietnamese students. Although I am currently doing a different topic, but DSP is always my true interest.

Best regards,
Sinh Nguyen